Nestled among the lush hills of Maryland and Pennsylvania sits a peaceful, tranquil place we call Camp Sonrise Mountain. Located near Markleysburg, PA, our 120 acre camp and retreat center is the perfect setting for kids and adults to engage in positive, fun interaction and to experience God in life-transforming ways.


Our mission is to provide a safe, faith-based environment where people of all ages can learn about the saving grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


Changing lives and making disciples, one camper at a time.

Personal Testimonies

Camp Sonrise Mountain was used by the Lord to change my life. Here I met the most important people in my life: First the Lord Jesus Christ who called me to Himself and to the ministry, Pastors Larry White and Glenn Beatty who mentored me and Melanie who has been my best friend for more than half a century and my wife for 44 years.

-Pastor Jim Monticue

Camp Sonrise Mountain, a place that has changed my life forever, and will always give me butterflies as I make the drive down the road towards the camp. I attended weekly summer camp for the first time when I was 8 years old, couldn’t wait to go as my Dad had spent many years there on staff. Once there I could understand why he loved it so much, the friends that are made last a lifetime, the experience of accepting Jesus as Savior gives hope and peace, and being at the top of Vesper Hill brings even the hardest of hearts closer to heaven. Camp Sonrise Mountain not only changes lives, it changes people.

-April Linnell

Our denomination’s use of Camp Sonrise Mountain for regional youth camps spans decades. What stands out beyond the beauty of the location and the great facilities is the warm, welcoming attitude of the staff through the years. We have always been treated well and our experience has always been amazing. Best of all, God has favored this mountain as a place to call generations of youth to His Family!

-Pastor Russ Van Nest, Evangelical Methodist Church